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19 de Octubre - 25 de Octubre

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Dilluns, 19 de Octubre
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Lloc: Berlin
Resum: First Annual Congress of the International Land Conservation Network
Descripció: <img alt='' src='' style='width: 250px; height: 36px; margin: 10px; float: right;' /><strong>October 19, 20 and 21, 2015</strong>

Wyndham Excelsior Hotel -&nbsp;<strong>Berlin, Germany</strong>

The<strong> International Land Conservation Network&nbsp;(ILCN)</strong>&nbsp;is connecting organizations and people who are accelerating voluntary private protection and stewardship of land and water resources. A recent International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) report said &quot;privately protected areas deserve far greater recognition and support than is the case at the moment.&quot; The report highlights the ongoing need for training and improved knowledge-sharing.

The<strong> First Annual Congress of ILCN </strong>aims to start making such know-how available and to share best practices, expertise and the ability to build organizational leadership and operating capacity. The gathering will assemble practitioners, innovators and experts in the growing field of voluntary private land conservation and restoration, from around Europe as well as from North, Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. &nbsp;

<div style='text-align: center;'><strong>The invitation-only event is strictly limited to 100 individuals</strong></div>

<strong>Call for Proposals for the First Annual Congress of the International Land Conservation Network</strong>

Through a series of plenary sessions, workshops, and facilitated dialogues on key topics, Congress participants will engage in a wide range of sessions and workshops considering the challenges and opportunities ahead for private land conservation.&nbsp;&nbsp;

The ILCN Congress Program Committee invites proposals for&nbsp;sessions and workshops.&nbsp;Share lessons learned and best practices relevant to privately protected landscapes, including those focused on:
<div style='margin-left: 40px;'>Finance, Law and Organizational Strategy

Capacity Building

Baseline Data regarding International Private Land Conservation, and&nbsp;Stewardship.</div>

Sessions are 90 minute presentations by one to three presenters that explore a particular topic in depth. Session presenters typically present their ideas for up to 60 minutes, leaving 30 minutes or more for questions, answers and discussion. Session proposals should include 1) a session title; 2) presenter name(s), title(s) and organization(s); 3) an abstract of up to 250 words; 4) value proposition (up to 50 words on why the presentation would be of interest to participants), and; 5) full contact details.

Workshops, also 90 minutes in length, can be series of presentations that offer multiple speakers with shorter talks in a panel discussion, and/or facilitated workshops and sharing circles in which participants work collaboratively to advance their collective understanding of a particular topic. The Program Committee is particularly interested in sessions that are interactive, generative, or stimulating to debate on current and future trends in the field. Workshop sessions should include also include 1) workshop title, 2) presenter name(s), title(s) and organizations, 3) abstract, 4) value proposition and 5) full contact details.

<strong>DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS</strong>: July 03, 2015 -&nbsp;Program decisions will be announced by early August.

For additional information on the&nbsp;First Congress of the International Land Conservation Network, please contact:&nbsp;Laura Johnson, Director, International Land Conservation Network at;

The ILCN is a project of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy&nbsp;<a href='' target='_blank'></a>&nbsp;

Hora: Event diario
Lloc: Barcelona
Resum: Eurosite Natura 2000 Monitoring Workshop: Integrating conservation management and monitoring
Descripció: Eurosite has previously organised workshops on monitoring Natura 2000, but the focus was on monitoring at country level. This workshop will focus on monitoring at site level with a particular emphasis on integrating monitoring&nbsp; with conservation management. A specific session on monitoring of habitats, a subject with many knowledge gaps, will be held, as well as a session on new technologies to make monitoring easier.&nbsp;

<strong>Workshop goals:</strong>

<div style='margin-left: 40px;'>To increased awareness of the new technologies available and the possibilities for increasing the effectiveness of monitoring and Natura 2000 site management;

To showcase best practice examples of species and habitat monitoring projects;

To develop recommendations for the integration of monitoring and management;

To showcase the Ter River management programme as a best practice example.&nbsp;</div>


The latest draft programme <a href='' target='_blank'>can be downloaded from the bottom of the page</a>. The workshop will consist of 3 sessions: the roles of new technologies in informing site managers, species monitoring projects: examples of good practice, and habitat monitoring projects: examples of good practice. On the third day there will also be a field trip to discuss the challenges for monitoring and management with the managers of a local nature reserve.

<strong>DATES AND VENUE</strong>

From 19th to 21th of October. Barcelona


To register, please complete the&nbsp;online registration form. Before completing your registration please carefully read the Terms and Conditions (available to download from the bottom of the page). This workshop is free to attend. Tea, coffee, lunches and transportation to and from the Field Trip are included. Participants are responsible for their own dinners and accomodation costs.

For more information visit:&nbsp;<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

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