agenda - Dimecres, 5 de Novembre

Dimecres, 5 de Novembre

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Dimecres, 5 de Novembre
Hora: Event diario
Lloc: Cosmocaixa. Barcelona
Resum: Land: quality of Life - Landlife Congress
Descripció: <a href='' target='_blank'><img alt='' src='/i-images/250/170/mm/image/logos/logo_landlife_CONGRESS.png' style='width: 250px; height: 170px; margin: 10px; float: right;' /></a>The LandLife partners and the Congress Steering Committee members are glad to welcome you to the<strong> First European Land Stewardship Congress</strong> that will take place from the <strong>5th to the 8th of November 2014</strong> in Barcelona.

This First edition of the Congress has been organised under the framework of the LandLife project, which began in 2011, and is an exceptional opportunity to boost land stewardship, a conservation strategy based on the co-responsibility of land users and landowners to manage and protect land and natural resources, both at the regional and European level.

During the last three years the LandLife partners have been working on the implementation of communication and training actions that promote the idea that only understanding the importance and the inherent values of landscapes and nature for our lives will allow us to conserve the diversity and richness of habitats and ecosystems and thereby ensure that future generations can also enjoy them.

The Congress, as the culminating event of the Landlife Project, comes just as a new period of European conservation policy is opened with the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020.

The Congress aims to address these new challenges by presenting not only the main results of the LandLife project, but also by sharing experiences and exchanging knowledge on land stewardship, nature and biodiversity conservation and natural resource management through workshops, round tables and poster presentations.

The Congress is the starting point for a new European network that will further develop land stewardship in Europe. During the Congress the Barcelona Declaration on Land Stewardship will be elaborated and signed. The Declaration will define the Vision and Mission statement through a collaborative process that will help to identify synergies between actors with the aim to work together for the promotion of land stewardship both at the regional and European level.

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Hora: Event diario
Lloc: Cosmocaixa, Barcelona
Resum: V Jornadas estatales de custodia del territorio - 10 años compartiendo aprendizajes y experiencias: Retos y perspectivas de futuro
Descripció: Les <a href='' target='_blank'>V Jornades Estatals de Cust&ograve;dia del Territori</a> s&oacute;n un espai per intercanviar, debatre i proposar innovacions i millores per a l&#39;aplicaci&oacute; de la cust&ograve;dia del territori com una eina per a la conservaci&oacute; de la biodiversitat, la gesti&oacute; de la natura i del paisatge i del patrimoni cultural .

Aquestes jornades s&#39;emmarquen, aix&iacute; mateix, en el I Congr&eacute;s Europeu sobre cust&ograve;dia del territori: Land: Quality of Life organitzat pel projecte LandLife (LIFE +10 INF/ES/540), permetent la projecci&oacute;, per primera vegada, de les Jornades Estatals a nivell europeu, facilitant l&#39;intercanvi de bones pr&agrave;ctiques i experi&egrave;ncies amb organitzacions d&#39;altres pa&iuml;sos europeus, enriquint el debat i aprenent de processos diferents a l&#39;estatal.

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