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Barcelona 1, 2 & 3 February 2017.  Organized by Pau Costa Foundation

Fire is used as a tool for management of rural and forest lands in many regions of the world. The application of fire as a management tool aimed to change the publicity caused by the media, and return the ecological role of fire to the ecosystems. Fire has an important role in the functioning of many ecosystems, and many species and habitats depend on the fire occurrence. However, high severity fires produce negative impacts in the ecosystems and society and are these that should be avoided. Gradually, prescribed fire for different management objectives have been introduced, extended. However, it is still in an early stage, and in some regions and countries is not well viewed and their use is still with a very negative image and even prohibited. One of the controversial aspects is the impact that these fires can cause to the environment. The aim of this conference is to identify the opportunities and constraints of use fire as a land management tool, from an environmental, social and economic perspectives and share the most novel research and technical expertise carried out in different scenarios around the world.

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- What do we know today?
- Effects of prescribed fire on ecosystems
- Prescribed fires as a tool for forest management
- Social perceptions of prescribed fire
- State-of-the-art practices in different regions
- Evolution of prescribed burning techniques
Data: 01/02/2017
Duració: 3 Dies 
Localització: Barcelona
Contacte: Pau Costa Foundation
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