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Dates: 29th May to 31th May 2013             

Location: L’Avenc (Tavertet, Barcelona)   

Language: English


The main workshops’ objective is to share information and builds practical know-how to apply land stewardship agreements and improve their management, more specifically:

   - To communicate land stewardship as an effective tool for nature and biodiversity conservation;
   - To exchange experiences and best practices;
   - To increase knowledge on land stewardship
   - To facilitate contacts and synergies between entities to define opportunities and cooperation in the framework of the Landlife project and on land stewardship initiatives.

Consulteu el programa preliminar sencer a la pàgina web del projecte LANDLIFE.
Data: 29/05/2013
Hora: 14 : 00
Duració: 3 Dies 
Localització: Avenc, Tavertet.
Contacte: Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori
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